Popcorn Fridays are a favorite at Frederickson! The PTA will be selling popcorn to students during their recess lunches one Friday every month of the school year. If your student doesn't have a Popcorn Pass, bags of popcorn can be purchased for $1 per bag on the day of. Please note, we can only allow one popcorn pass (or one bag if bought individually) per student. Are you new to Frederickson and want to purchase a Popcorn Pass for your student? Please email us at FEPTA09@gmail.com.

Popcorn days are subject to cancellation due lack of volunteers. No refunds will be issued for canceled popcorn days or popcorn bags not redeemed.

Upcoming Popcorn Days


January 19
February 23
March 15
April 19
May 17
June 7